I was born in Madrid, Spain and now I live in a 700 inhabitants little village near the Mediterranean Coast in Alicante.

I studied Bellas Artes in the Polytechnic University of Valencia, a five years university degree in arts. This was in the early 90's and I am designing since then. I have the luck to live the end of the classical print design and the beginning of the computer era.

Until 2007, I have been working at advertising agencies and graphic design studies. Then I set my studio in this little village and began to work with a different client: very little entrepreneurs.

I began customizing their blogs, and I discovered that my client's big design problem to solve was to give them graphic independence from expensive designers. They need design every day and their budget was tiny.  So I began teaching them to design their every day banners, headers, social media etc.  I created more than 10 online courses to help them to be independent. Later on, I opened my Creative Market shop selling kits for bloggers.

Oh, and I have a passion with photography and I am a Getty Contributor.

I am ready to work from my studio in art direction. If you think we can work together, write me a hello@meisi.es .


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